Illustration and Design

T-shirts design for FLAX art & design.

Chiyo and Ume brewed our first beer "B.B.IPA".

Chiyo and Ume customized BUILT NY tote wine bags with Chiyo's illustration. Screen print by Harvest Land, Berkeley, CA.

Artwork design for Kinokuniya Book Stores of America.

Chiyo's illustration is on the tote bag!

Available at Kinokuniya Book Stores U.S.A.

100% cotton made in India

printed in Bay Area local factory

There are three sizes of paper bags with Chiyo's art. (You have to buy a book at Kinokuniya though.)

And please reuse the bag and probably better to bring your own bag to save trees.

You can get a bookmark with Chiyo's art at the bookstore too!

CD Jacket design for a guiter duo L'arbre.

Bookmark design for National Cancer Center, Tokyo Japan. Chiyo also designs the cover page of their annual clinical reports.

Right after Chiyo's arrival to San Francisco, she participated the mural project at John Adams campus of San Francisco City College.